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What is Fightsterol®


We apply Science to food, creating functional foods - contributing to health promotion and disease prevention.


Fightsterol® is a food technology that enables cholesterol reduction function through the ingestion of selected foods, created with our unique and innovative method.


It is well known that one of the most effective ways to reduce cholesterol blood levels is to decrease its absorption (both from diet and endogenous production) at intestine.

This can be regulated by the diet, consuming food enriched with bioactive compounds with hypocholesterolemic effectiveness.


Fightsterol® allows the formation of an intestine “barrier” that blocks/reduces the absorption of cholesterol.





How we do it?

A way to reduce cholesterol blood levels is to decrease its absorption (both from diet and endogenous production) at intestine. This can be regulated by the diet, consuming food enriched with bioactive compounds with hypocholesterolemic effectiveness.

Based in the cholesterol homeostasis and food chemistry, and as result of several years of screening food matrices, Fightsterol® is a scientific process (being patented) that quantifies cholesterol absorption, understands which nutrients (and its synergies) block it more efficiently, identifies food elements  with higher concentration of those ingredients and combines them in the correct way in order to optimize nutrient content.

We started by using our technology on coffee and scientific tests proved that adding the Fightsterol® process to coffee has shown high efficiency in reducing cholesterol, even when compared with competitive products.


Our scientific process (Fightsterol®) can be adapted on most coffee production methods (manufacturers/brands).


“High quality functional Coffee that reduces Cholesterol”


Fightsterol® is the result of ingenuity and hard work of a multi-disciplinary team, who together develops  both the science/product  and business sides of the project.

Filipe Coreta

Ricardo Costa

Pedro Pinho

Founder & Chief Science Officer

Chief Business Officer

Chief Client Officer

Passionate and ingenious  scientific researcher, since 2018 Filipe started studying ways to reduce Cholesterol effects and its absorption reduction more than ten years ago - after he lived  closely a cholesterol-related episode in one of his direct relatives. Since then, Filipe has been a researcher at Coimbra University, dedicating all his efforts and knowledge to study ways to reduce the impact of Cholesterol-related diseases in humans. Having published several articles on this topic he has been been to get the support for his work from several international researchers.

In 2015 attended one MBA (PBS) since he wants to be able to use his work commercially, developing partnerships and aligning the research

science and industry development.


Entrepreneur by heart, Ricardo has  immediately fell for Filipe's science idea after he first known about it in 2015. Since then, Ricardo is focusing on Fightsterol’s business implementation - developing the strategy, traveling the world connecting with partners -  aiming Fightsterol®'s added value generation and growth.

Ricardo's  background and thorough  international business experience - participates in several international projects - facilitates business opportunities identification and management.

Being a driven individual, Ricardo is compelled to lead by example. His natural curiosity and perseverance enhances Fightsterol®'s business innovation, and potential to improve people's health.



Pedro has been working for multinational companies for the last 20 years in Marketing and Product related positions has can be described as a paranoiac for growth, branding and market entry strategy. His experience on leading teams, projects and brands in international set-up´s gave him a pragmatic yet creative and innovative approach to each product, client and market.

Being passionate about building brands and based on his past experience launching and managing brands both on functional food (in yogurts) and pharma (cardiovascular drug), as soon as Ricardo and Filipe shared their story and project, Pedro immediately fell in love with it and instantaneously said YES to join this people´s life changing project.



Figshsterol® is the result of ingenuity, perseverance and hard-work of our founder, Filipe Coreta. While studying Chemistry at University,  Filipe was hit by a family tragedy when his grandfather, whom he was very close to, passed way with a cardiovascular event, caused by atherosclerosis.

Feeling that all the current scientific knowledge had been helpless, Filipe decided to follow a career as scientific researcher (at Coimbra University) dedicating his efforts to know in-depth cholesterol. Since then he has published several papers on renowned scientific publications focusing on cholesterol homeostasis, intestinal mechanisms of cholesterol emulsification and their dependence on phytonutrients.


With the relevance of his discoveries, other international scientists have been helping Filipe on moving forward his break-through methodology.

Fighsterol® is the result of those more than 10 years of hard work, step by step discovery and international  collaborations that allowed Filipe to develop more effective and selective functional food, able to reduce cholesterol in humans exploring new food matrices.

What move us is his strong believe that will make a difference in people’s health and lifestyle around the globe.


At Fightsterol®, we’re aiming to be the best company to deliver science to food, creating simple and efficient ways to improve people's health and wellbeing.


We're focusing in people's wellness by  giving easier ways to improve health.



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